ABP Kit Test Pages

ABP Test Pages

Welcome to ABPKit Test Pages

This page provides list of test pages for ABP Kit Library functionality.

For more information on the tespages project, please visit the tespages main site

Content Blocker Rules Set

If you want to test if testpages work correctly, first include JSON blocker rules to ABP Kit solution.

You can add this by copy pasting whole json file into your json list or by providing custom URL (or overriding ABP Kit easylist URL)

Blocking Blocking + Exceptions

There are two types of List:

Blocking is only blocking content.

Blocking with Exceptions is also testing "exceptions" scenarios

!!! You can also convert ABP Testpages filters from ABP Testpages filter list, but please be aware that conversion tool has bug for now

Filter test cases

Allowlist Domain

Blocking and Hiding

Filter Options - Resource Types

Filter Options - Resource Type Exceptions

Filter Options - Constraints

Filter Options - Exceptions